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    Limited Edition

    Triumph Factory Custom

    Triumph Thruxton TFC and Rocket TFC concept
    Triumph Rocket 3 TFC premium tank badge

    Triumph Factory Custom

    A landmark moment in our approach to custom motorcycle design, Triumph present the TFC concept; an exclusive limited edition line-up of ultra-premium custom motorcycles. 

    Triumph Thruxton TFC front shot featuring unique gold front forks and full fairing

    BEAUTIFUL enhancements

    Every TFC motorcycle embodies the absolute pinnacle in hand-crafted custom design, performance, technology, engineering, specification and finish.  These breathtaking bikes are totally unique, truly special, and absolutely stunning.

    Triumph Thruxton TFC Premium Detailing and Badging

    Totally Unique

    A TFC motorcycle is a uniquely crafted work of top quality engineering with a one-off custom design.  Limited to just 750, each one is numbered, exclusive, and never to be repeated, making them ultra-premium limited edition Triumphs.

    Triumph Rocket 3 TFC three header exhaust run with carbon fibre detailing

    Truly Special

    The TFC line-up represents the best of Triumph Motorcycles, including greater performance, higher specification equipment, and class-leading technology together with exclusive additional engineering innovations.

    Triumph Thruxton TFC premium leather seat

    Absolutely Beautiful

    Breathtaking design quality, with exceptional component finishes and custom detailing; TFC motorcycles have been carefully designed and crafted to be the most beautiful, exclusive, and desirable Triumphs ever made.

    Triumph craftsman hand painting gold coach line onto the tank of the Thruxton TFC

    A Culture of Excellence

    Triumph’s unique culture and passion for custom design, and shared attitude to achieve new heights with cutting edge engineering innovations, has enabled us to develop a world-class custom design capability at our Hinckley headquarters. 

    Triumph TFC1 carbon Scrambler

    Proven Custom Pedigree

    With remarkable hand-built factory custom creations for Hollywood movies and high profile motorcycle riders ranging from icons like Jason Statham and Luke Evans to footballing legends such as David Beckham, Triumph Motorcycles continue to develop a world-class in-house capability for custom design and motorcycle art. 

    Triumph Thruxton TFC front shot highlighting the bikes classic silhouette
    Triumph Thruxton TFC

    Thruxton TFC

    The first of the TFC line-up will be the new definitive sports classic, the Thruxton TFC.It is ultra-rare and offers more power and torque, a category-leading specification, the highest-ever level of capability and premium custom finish and detailing. Each of this limited run will be one of a kind, and will never be repeated.

    Triumph Rocket TFC concept studio shot of the rear end of the motorbike with illuminated brake light
    Triumph Rocket TFC concept


    Setting a new world-leading benchmark for jaw dropping torque and performance, stunning detailing and finish, plus category-defining technology and incredible muscular style, the Rocket 3 TFC is a masterpiece of British engineering and nothing less than the ultimate motorcycle.