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    Action shot of rider and pillion on a Silver Ice & and Grey Triumph Rocket 3 GT alongside rider on a Korosi Red Triumph Rocket 3 R


    The ultimate high performance muscle roadster is here.

    Price available from 19/11/2019

    Action shot of Triumph Rocket 3 R in Korosi Red showing off its magnificent 2500 cc engine
    Action shot of high quality pillion seat in use on the Triumph Rocket 3 GT in Silver Ice & Storm Grey


    This is the genesis of an all-new generation of Triumph’s ultimate motorbike legend.  Equipped with a world’s largest production motorcycle engine capacity of 2500cc, the new Rocket 3 line-up delivers the highest torque of any production motorbike and unparalleled acceleration with a beautifully smooth, responsive and incredibly refined ride.

    The new Rocket 3 motorcycle range is in a class of its own, with truly imposing muscular presence and magnificent style.  Combining the highest level of specification and technology with all of Triumph’s incredible handling, the Rocket 3 brings a sublime feel and comfort for all-day easy riding.

    Rider on Triumph Rocket 3 R in Korosi Red displaying in action its instantaneous world-leading torque combined with incredible control and comfort
    Rocket 3 R korosi red CGI cut out

    ROCKET 3 R

    The ultimate muscle roadster, delivering instantaneous world-leading torque together with incredible control, comfort and capability.

    Rider on Triumph Rocket 3 GT in Silver Ice and Storm Grey in action displaying its astonishing performance combined with incredible comfort
    Rocket 3 GT CGI cut out


    Astonishing performance and presence, with incredible comfort, laid-back riding attitude and effortless touring capability.

    Action shot of a Triumph Rocket 3 showcasing its incredible acceleration and 221Nm torque at a bend


    The Rocket 3’s all-new 2,500cc triple engine is the world’s largest production motorcycle powerplant, and produces an incredible 221Nm of peak torque, which is the highest on any production motorcycle. Together with its unparalleled performance and thrilling acceleration, the Rocket 3 delivers a beautifully smooth, responsive and refined ride. 

    In addition, the engine weight savings over the previous generation, the innovative sculpted 3-header exhaust run, the 6-speed high performance helical cut gearbox and the slip & assist hydraulic clutch, all contribute to the Rocket 3’s all-day, any gear, effortlessly capable ride.


    2500 CC ENGINE

    Class-defining triple performance from the largest production motorcycle engine in the world.


    The highest torque of any production motorbike delivered across the entire rev range in one smooth and seamless flow.


    Thrilling performance with peak power that is 11% up on the previous generation Rocket.


    A transformation in handling capability is delivered by major weight savings  achieved by an all-new aluminium frame and premium cast and forged components 



    •  All-new 2,500cc Rocket 3 triple engine 
    • 167PS peak power @ 6,000rpm
    • 221Nm peak torque @ 4,000rpm
    • 18Kg mass savings over the previous generation engine
    • Beautiful hydroformed three-header exhaust run
    • Incredible acceleration (2.79 sec 0-60mph)



    • All-new unique aluminium frame with forward-facing air intake
    • Fully adjustable Showa monoshock RSU with piggyback reservoir
    • 47mm USD Showa cartridge front forks, adjustable for compression and rebound
    • Brembo Stylema® brakes
    • Distinctive new Rocket 3 triple exhaust with brushed exhaust heat shields and end caps
    • Torque assist hydraulic clutch
    • Adjustable ergonomics
    • Stylish internally-wired handlebars


    • New Rocket 3 silhouette with imposing poise and stance
    • Comfortable tailored pillion and rider seats 
    • Machined fins on crank cases, head and cam cover
    • Intricate 20-spoke wheels
    • High-specification Avon Cobra Chrome tyres (front 150/80 ZR17, rear 240/50 ZR16)
    • Distinctive single-sided swingarm (with offset monoshock suspension)
    • Signature twin LED headlight with beautiful Triumph maker’s mark triangle branding
    • Muscular sculpted 18-litre fuel tank featuring central recess, brushed tank strap and Monza-style cap
    • Brushed aluminium air-box cover
    • Brushed aluminium Monza-style coolant and oil caps
    • Brushed stainless steel exhaust heat shields and end caps
    • Hidden folding pillion footrests
    • Four beautiful colour options (Rocket 3 R – Korosi Red, and Phantom Black) (Rocket 3 GT – Silver Ice & Storm Grey, and Phantom Black)


    • Higher functionality 2nd generation TFT instruments (inc. feature that allows the rider to personalise the start-up screen message with their name)
    • Optimised cornering ABS & traction control
    • Four riding modes (Road, Rain, Sport and Rider-Configurable modes) 
    • All LED lighting with distinctive DRL 
    • Hill hold control
    • Cruise control
    • Keyless ignition and steering lock 
    • Heated grips as standard on GT model (accessory fit on R model)
    • USB charging socket 
    • Optional Triumph Shift Assist
    • Accessory fit motorcycle integrated GoPro Control System
    • Turn by turn navigation (built with Google)
    • Free ‘MyTriumph’ app (available for iOS and Android)
    • Integrated Bluetooth® phone and music operation
    • Accessory fit Tyre Pressure Monitoring System 

    ROCKET 3

    CGI cut out of Korosi Red Triumph Rocket R

    ROCKET 3 R

    Starting from POA

    CGI cut out of Silver Ice and Storm Grey Triumph Rocket GT


    Starting from POA