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    Bold designs and original styling. Just like our motorcycles.

    Triumph Spring Summer collection 2019 Bud Ekins Nevada Tee




    With warmer sunny weather we welcome the opportunity to get back on our bikes and re-discover the fun and freedom that top quality motorcycling brings.  For most of us, spring heralds a first fresh ride in a few months while the long hot days of summer invite even greater potential for riding adventures.

    And because at Triumph we’re continually refreshing our motorcycle riderwear and contemporary casual wear collections, now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe and stand out from the crowd with a brand new seasonal range of exclusive Triumph gear. 






    Triumph Motorcycles Classic Clothing Collection Spring Summer 2019



    Triumph Motorcycles Roadster Clothing Collection Spring Summer 2019



    Triumph Motorcycles Adventure Clothing Collection Spring Summer 2019
    Triumph Dadlington Riding boots

    Motorcycle Wear

    Having appropriate motorcycle wear isn’t just about looking great, although of course that’s still an important part of why people choose Triumph clothing. It’s also about having top quality equipment to develop your riding confidence.

    Seeking the perfect ride is something we at Triumph Motorcycles are obsessively passionate about, which is why our signature collections of riding jackets, jeans, footwear, gloves, luggage and accessories all provide performance and comfort combined with style and purpose.

    Triumph Gambler T-shirt, part of the Triumph Motorcycles Spring/Summer clothing collection

    Casual Wear

    Inspired by the world-class motorcycles we manufacture, Triumph’s casual wear is presented as a series of capsule collections that showcase premium contemporary clothing for true stand-out style when you’re not riding your Triumph motorcycle.

    Our casual wear collections include stylish jackets, fashionable t-shirts and polo shirts, and statement sweaters and sweatshirts, all of which means you can look just as eye-catching when you’re not riding as you do when you’re out on your Triumph motorbike.


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